Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Finn's chain maille

There's a knight in our midst, and he's been waiting ever so patiently for a chain maille to protect him. After all, how is a brave knight supposed slay dragons in the gardens without a chain maille for protection?

On a trip to NYC about a year ago, I stumbled upon a knitting book, Fairy Tale Knits, that contained some of the most beautiful and entertaining knitting projects for children that I've ever seen. I immediately decided that the chain maille, as one of the easiest, yet versatile, knits in the book was going on my (always lengthy) knitting list.

As Finn has grown more and more fond of the sword and shield over the last few months, I decided it might be a good time to get started on the chain maille, and fortunately for Finn, who staked a claim by my side asking on it's progress, it was a very quick knit.

The yarn is Knit Picks Cadena in Mist, chosen because of it's alpaca content. (I want him to actually enjoy wearing his maille, not complain that it's itchy! Although, I can't imagine the originals were very comfortable...) I used the size 4-6 pattern of the chain maille, and I added an inch of length to the bottom and sleeves so that this will hopefully last Finn for a couple of years.

The clasp is a Gaelic design from Brazen Button, and my favorite touch of the entire project.

Doesn't he look so knightly in his new maille? Next up, maybe a matching hood?

A knights in a tree...when you lack a horse you must wax resourceful.


  1. i love it! and i love the idea of a hood next!!!

  2. yes! definitely do the hood next! can't wait to see it! :D
    this is really beautiful knit - perfect! :)

  3. That came out wonderfully! He's so cute...excuse me noble it. :) I was checking out that knitting book and kind of want to make the crown for myself.

  4. That is one beautiful set of chainmail!

  5. Really beautiful. He is a very dashing knight with that beautiful hair too!

  6. oh man- that is an awesome idea, mama!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!


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