Sunday, October 10, 2010

scenes from an October Saturday

We inherited a few pets from the $2 throw-a-pingpong-ball-in-the-fishbowl-and-win-a-fish game at the fair. Of course, the game cost $2 but the fish have now cost $25. The kids were beyond excited at the idea of having goldfish although I've warned them that fair-won goldfish don't always have the longest shelf life. This notion did little to dim their enthusiasm so we'll see what happens.

Our friends, the Callahans, are in town for a brief stay this weekend, and as always, we thoroughly enjoy their company. The girls spent the afternoon in the library building a little city out of tree blocks and Plan City vehicles and trees. They took care to include city stops like the car shop, the bank, the post office. It was quite the town!

As the sun descended, we pulled out our new anniversary firepit for it's inaugural use. The kids had the best time making campfire bread (from Baking Bread with Children) and roasting marshmallows.

The campfire bread took a bit more patience than the kids generally have, and we ended up with a few breads that were blackened on the outside and barely done on the inside.

But they enjoyed them all! I'm pretty sure that if I served them bread like this in the house, they'd turn up their noses at the blackened bread. It's amazing the power of cooking your own food.

Or maybe it's the homemade blackberry jam and honey butter that made the bread such a treat. ;)

Of course, the marshmallows were happily roasted and gooily enjoyed right off the stick. Maybe next time we'll try s'mores by the firepit.

Later, when we settled the kids in bed, the adults headed back to the firepit with a second batch of campfire bread.

We were able to spend a few hours just sitting by the fire, enjoying the company of friends, letting the stress of the previous week roll off our backs.

Aren't our friends so cute?! (Paul tried to jump start the fire and nearly flamed us.)

What a peaceful time in the cool autumn evening to spend time with dear friends around glowing embers!


  1. It's always wonderful spending time with good friends. Love the fire pit.

  2. Sigh. What a lovely evening by the fire. First as a family then with friends.
    Thank you for sharing it with us. Makes me feel like I was there.

  3. Love the picture of the smores and the fire. Made me think of a "Boo" idea that I saw yesterday. If you are interested, you can check it out at Thanks for sharing the pictures. Kerri

  4. Oh how fun. Your pretty firepit reminds me of our makeshift one (a round kettle-style barbeque without legs. Ken was already using it this way before we got married. It has slowly grown on me). That campfire bread looks like a fun project--we'll have to try it.

  5. It looks so lovely. What a wonderful evening!

  6. it truly is amazing how a fire has such a way to relax us! i feel relaxed just after reading your post : ) it looks like you enjoyed a beautiful time together, i love the idea of the bread!

  7. Oh, we haven't done bread in the stick in ages! We thought about making it while camping but ended up forgetting about it. Yes, it does require patience... looks like your children did very well nonetheless!


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