Monday, October 4, 2010

afternoon at the farm

We spent some time this weekend on our two favorite farms. Finn had such a wonderful time petting (and chasing) the animals, eating locally-made ice cream, touching the soft yarns, and listening to folk music that he practically sighed with contentment over the whole experience. I won't say any more about it, just share with you this pictorial journey that says more than I could anyway.


  1. While my crafting doesn't include yarn, I was still giddy looking at how BEAUTIFUL it all is!! I want some!!

    The beauty of your photos Joy is you can see the curiosity on Finns face and how much fun he is having. It looks like a fantastic day!

  2. Amazing pictures-- I'mso sorry we missed it!

  3. Is that the farm we went with you to last year? And I LOVE Goat Lady -- we got some chevre at the farmer's market last time we were in town and it rocked my world. It was a fog or honey chevre I think -- YUM! So fresh and perfect.

  4. That's FIG -- my brain is the fog :)


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