Tuesday, October 19, 2010

celebrating Philip

Today, on Philip's 8th birthday, we celebrated in a simple way but had the most fun just being together and cherishing Philip for the sweet, sensitive kid that he is. (Well, until Finn fell and skinned his knee taking all attention away from Philip for most of the dinner hour.) Philip's birthday ring sported a picture of him picking pumpkins a few weeks ago, along with some seasonal acorns and leaves.

His birthday ornament is this little black cat which seems quite fitting since he loves cats and his birthday is so close to Halloween.

Elizabeth made this cute message on our family chalkboard wishing her brother a happy birthday. She and Paulie also snuck into Philip's room, while he was in the bathroom this morning, and made his bed for him. I just love watching these kids grow up doing special things for one another.

For Philip's special birthday treat, I made vegan chocolate chip cookies into ice cream sandwiches. The cookie recipe is from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar and coconut milk ice cream keeps the vegan trend. The kids loved these things!


One of Philip's favorite presents was the handmade pirate/Indiana Jones/explorer knife and sheath he received.

What a warrior we have now!


  1. Happy Birthday to Phillip! It is so nice to see those quiet family birthdays, and I hope that the day was special for you all. Such a sweet sweet family you have.

  2. Happy BDay!
    and Happpy me as you're my saviour with this cookie recipe.
    I will definitely try it soon - I keep promising my daughter we'll make something and I keep putting it off... looks delish!

  3. Happy Birthday Philip! What a lovely birthday celebration:)

  4. You ordered that knife from the same Etsy seller I did. :) He was actually at the Waldorf May Faire we went to this spring and we're planning on ordering more for our little pirate/Indiana Jones/cowboy/Good guy for /christmas.

  5. What a lovely celebration with so many special gifts from the family! I love seeing a birthday ring in use as we were given one for our little girl when she was born this year. I love the idea of having a photo in the middle.

  6. Happy Birthday to you!!! I love that last warrior photo!!! too cute!

  7. What a special day for Philip. Beautiful celebration. Happy birthday Philip!

  8. Happy birthday Philip. I hope this year will be your best year ever. :)

  9. Oh, 8! I love 8. They're still so tender and dear while you can see the glimmer of the men they're growing to be. Happy special day to Phillip!


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