Thursday, October 21, 2010

an apology to my children's teachers

Dearest teachers to all my darling children,

While I believe that my children are probably the best behaved children in your respective classes on their good days, I regret to inform you that there may be a wee bit of wiggly-ness and general hyperactivity today.

You see, the whole thing started with a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon at Elizabeth's school (so maybe Elizabeth's teachers will be more quick to forgive?) for which I was approached to bake a loaf of sourdough. I promptly agreed, of course, and presented a lovely Sourdough Honey Spelt loaf for the soup and bread luncheon.

Upon working on this lovely loaf, I realized that I would have another rather large blob of dough that needed to be formed into some variety of bread which would be consumed by my family. Since we are currently well-stocked in sandwich bread for the week, I assumed that I would make a loaf to freeze...until the most delicious idea struck me.

Why not surprise my children with a batch of fresh, homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast?

And so I set about rolling the blob of honey spelt dough into a large rectangle and then I thought to myself, am I really going to fill my children up with butter and sugar before sending them off to school?

Yes, I believe I did. I tried to be a somewhat responsible parent by spreading the dough with a layer of almond butter first to temper the sugar shock that might be delivered to your classroom door this morning.

But please, if it seems my children are walking on the wild side this morning, accept my humble apology. I'll try not to make this a habit (unless there are more teacher appreciation luncheons which leave me with a blob of dough that I'm not sure what to do with).

Now I'll let you get back to teaching my hooligans children, while I consume the rest of the cinnamon rolls so I'm not forced to apologize again tomorrow.


the mother of the children with the sugar-crazed look in their eyes


  1. I think if you sent some with them to give the teachers all would be forgiven ;)

  2. LOL...I loved reading this. And what a nice breakfast surprise for your children. :)

  3. you are funny! i can smell them through my computer!!
    have a great day

  4. Oh, that must have been quite an exciting treat for your children!

  5. Such a great post! I loved your letter to the teachers and loved drooling over the pictures of the cinnamon rolls just a tad more. ;)

  6. Oh wow, what a treat on school morning! I bet it tasted even better that it looks on the computer screen. Almond butter spread... that's an idea!


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