Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summerizing::summer in review

I'm joining Lifeologia today and summerizing my summer. Here's the best and the brightest of summer 2010!

What is the best memory of this summer for you?

The best memory for me was at the
beach this summer. The kids got along and played so cooperatively at the beach. They really seemed to enjoy themselves and it was such a relaxed place to be together as a family.

What is the one event you looked forward to the most? Did it turn out as you expected?

I really looked forward to 4th of July weekend with friends coming to town and a birthday celebration with other friends. We really did have a great time together.

Have you done/tried/tasted something completely new, how was your experience?

We tried beet cookies a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed them but not everyone in the family did. Such an interesting combination for a cookie. I might try some variations in the future to see if I can find something everyone will like.

Is there a valuable lesson you learned this summer?

We (tentatively) figured out that 2 of our kids (the most emotional 2) are Feeling types (according to the Myers-Briggs type indicator). This awareness has really informed my dealings with them when they seem to lose it emotionally or even in trying to help them feel empathy in a situation when I would have otherwise tried explaining to death. It felt like a big breakthrough in parenting. :)

Have you applied yourself creatively and created projects that you wanted to?

I've been knitting all summer working on Christmas and birthday projects such as
this one. I really enjoy making gifts for my kids especially. It's so neat to see how creative they can be with handmade goods.

Is there something you wanted to try or complete that you didn’t have the time for? What do you think stood in your way and will you still attempt it?

I thought I would finish Finn's birthday blanket this summer, but apparently it's going to be fall instead!

From your summer experience, what are you most grateful for?

It's hard to pick just one thing, but I'm really grateful for our kids' camp. I'm hoping to spend a bit more time there next summer myself, and it's such a positive learning experience for them each time they attend.

What was your favourite place you travelled to? Do you plan to go back there?

Hmmm...well, we only went to the Outer Banks and Asheville, but I expect we'll make our way back to both places many times in the years to come. :)

Is there a blog that inspires you the most?

Is it too cliched to say Soulemama? There are so many really, but a few of my favorites right now are Small Things, Salt and Chocolate, Frontier Dreams, and Plain and Joyful Living.

Is there a blog post you’re most proud of?

It's hard for me to think like that because I blog mostly as a journal so I don't think about being proud of a particular post, but if I'm pressed to choose one, I'd probably pick the diary of our weekend foods that I did a few weeks ago.

Is there a blog post you wish had more reaction and/or comments?

I haven't really thought much about this either, but I guess my post on the end of my trip to the Steiner Institute where I address bread-making recipes, books, etc didn't get as much response as I expected considering the number of questions I had during the week.

What is your favourite photo that you’ve posted this summer?

I'm sure that I can't pick one for this. I really liked some of my zoo pictures and some of my beach pictures are near to my heart.

What photo or photos from this summer you didn’t get a chance to post?

Without spending hours going through my archives, I'm really not sure! Ok, I scrounged around and found a few.

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  1. I love the "apple sculpture!" What a great re-cap.

  2. AWESOME! That's great that you joined the fun!
    I loved looking through your posts from the summer. Your recipes made me get all hungry at 10:47pm and I'm so jealous of that Steiner Institute. Lovely pictures overall. It was a Joy to read your answers ;)
    Thanks so much ;D

  3. I loved this blog post Joy:) Thanks for sharing:)

  4. What a great wrap up! I love that photo of the apple face, hilarious! Off the check out the blogs you mentioned (and no, it's not cliche to say soulemama, that's why she's got thousands of visitors a day... inspiration central!)

  5. Sounds like you all had a wonderful summer Joy!

  6. So lovely! I am especially interested in your valuable lesson learned. It never occurred to me that I could perhaps use the Myers Briggs tests to work out how my children react to things. This could be a breakthrough for me too! Thanks for the info.


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