Thursday, September 30, 2010

in my kitchen

I like to cook. (maybe you knew this about me already) I enjoy planning, shopping, preparing, creating, and presenting delicious meals to my family. I love finding new dishes that my family raves over, which can be difficult with a family of 6. Another thing I appreciate is slow food. Thirty minute meals aren't really my forte. Give me a two hour chunk of time and a kitchen stocked with quality ingredients, and I'm golden. I relish taking a pile of staples, a few simple veggies, grains or legumes and making a delightful dish. One thing I don't like, help.

Oh, I don't mind helping the kids making cookies, breads, muffins or anything that I plan ahead to make with them. But, they need to be invited. Making the meals, creating the territory. The kitchen is my domain, often my only solitude in the course of a busy day, and anyone who dares enter is likely to be greeted with an offer to let them sweep under the table, wipe the table or set the table. These offers do a fairly good job at keeping my kitchen quiet.

{sun-dried tomato & garlic frittata from Once Upon A Tart}

Except Finn, of course, who thinks it's fun to do those things. He also enjoys being my kitchen DJ. His seat on the counter affords him access to the cd player. Tonight he chose this.

I want to let them help me with dinner. I even occasionally try to delegate tasks which I think would keep them largely occupied without much mess or need for precision. But really, I appreciate the process so much more when I'm in the kitchen alone, juggling the various pots, bowls, and skillets in solitude.

Maybe one day I'll start scheduling a day of the week when they can help me, but until then, I want them O-U-T of my kitchen.

I hope you won't think less of me.


  1. hee,hee I don't think you could ever say ANYTHING that would make any of us think anyless of you <3
    As much as I love baking with my girlsI, too, trulylove it most when I can cook alone.. but dishes, on the other hand, are always an open invitation!I can't stand dishes. :p

  2. Of course not! I am looking forward to the time when I will enjoy being in the kitchen again.

  3. mmmm.....I think your little one looks yummiest of all!

  4. Actually, I love you more now. And I want you to be MY mommy. I hate cooking no matter what. But I had a slow food mama who spoiled the tar out of me and created amazing dishes from scratch all while working full time (sound familiar?) So my taste does not match my skills or desires. And so, I hang out at the neighbors a lot, hoping for scraps if I show up with wine :)

  5. Agreed, sometimes it's just so much easier when everyone clears out! That frittata looks amazing by the way! x

  6. I love cooking with my girls, but I also love cooking alone. Both worlds are good. :)

    Your frittata looks delish, by the way!


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