Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WIP Wednesday

The end of school is upon us and, in addition to a raging case of poison ivy that Elizabeth contracted last week, we've been swamped. Between the award ceremonies, field days and other end of year activities, I managed to do a wee bit of crafting.

The soft, squishy Blue Sky Alpaca yarn in Seaweed from Purl Soho quickly became a gnome hat for Philip. This will be a present later in the year so Elizabeth is modeling for me. I used the Elfin Cap from Handknit Holidays again. I love the combo of thick yarn and cute pattern. I could churn these hats out all the time.

The next quick-y project that I worked on this week is a little shell-collecting bag for Elizabeth. We'll be heading off to the Outer Banks in about 10 days and she loves nothing more than collecting any unique shell she can find. She was thrilled with her new cotton bag with some leftover Crayon Boucle yarn from Knit Picks. I knit this sport weight yarn on size 10 needles so that it would be sort of like a mesh bag and hopefully not collect too much sand while keeping all the shells inside.

I finally finished a sock for myself that I really like. My first attempt at socks for myself didn't turn out so well, but the ribbed socks seem to work better for me. Now to find the inspiration to make another one!

Slowly, but surely, I've also been cutting lots and lots of squares of car fabric. Most of it so far is leftover from other projects, but some new fabric will join in the fun soon. More to come on this project another time.

Whew! What's keeping you busy this fine second week of June?


  1. I love that little bag! And a car quilt, perhaps?! I'm plugging away at all of the million house projects I have started-- I want the house all finished when I go back to work (gasp!) in August. Then the kid sewing shall re-commence!

  2. I love the shell bag! I need to knit one for Larkspur! Did you follow a pattern? There is a cool new line of fabric that looks good for boys, I saw it here:
    I really like the castle fabric.
    Larkspur has a bad case of hives, so pink spots all over her body since Saturday. It's awful!

  3. Oh, Joy if I could only knit like you!
    Your projects are gorgeous and I like the name of the 'seaweed' yarn! My gardens are keeping me busy in this month of June : )

  4. Your knitting is amazing! That sock is fabulous! We're all about getting ready for Zach's birthday and upcoming travel around here (including out to you, details coming). I hope Elizabeth heals up soon!

  5. oooh! I love the shell bag and the socks! So talented you are!

  6. Joy,
    Your knitting is great! Beautiful, sweet hat.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  7. I am trying to make the "treasure" bags from Soulemama Handmade Home. Can't wait to see what my girls will collect with them at the beach next month. Also, we are working on measuring, cutting, and counting for this . We have been using the kids' flannel baby blankets, old shirts, and baby towels. I am thankful I found a way for the girls and I to help out with this horrible disaster.
    Love the gnome hat! If you start selling them......please let me know! I have two budding elves at my home who need hats!

  8. Right now life is making me rather busy in such a good way. Lots of entertaining, celebrating, and laughter. Now I'm quietly knitting and sewing in the moments I find.

  9. The socks are darling, the green is soooo delicious.

    We came across some poison ivy a couple of days ago - then I found the babes climbing over it!
    oof - I was a bit nervous, was thinking I was gonna have to do some research quick-like and make a concoction when we got home, but I didn't. :) phew.

  10. ps - Sorry your babes weren't so lucky!! Forgot to say that.


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