Sunday, August 15, 2010

leaving camp

Our departure from camp today was fraught with all sorts of emotional ambivalence. Paulie and Elizabeth were, of course, eager to see us and excited to fill us in on all the goings-on around camp, but they were equally sad to leave their friends and the camp they love so dearly. Between gardening, dancing, canoeing and earth arts, which were Elizabeth's classes, and fishing, various sports, earth arts (with Elizabeth) and warrior training, which were Paulie's classes, they had so many new and exciting experiences that they were bubbling to tell us about.

We first approached Cabin 2 in search of Elizabeth.

And we found her with a group of amazing cabinmates.

including a warthog in disguise!

Then we headed down to find Paulie.

He was eager to show us his warrior staff.

Lightfoot, his warrior name, shows great promise in his warrior training.

A few last hugs from wonderful counsellors.

Until next year...


  1. Rich experiences make lifelong memories and that's what you are giving your kids--that's what I think!

  2. Wow you captured the feelings so well through your photos Joy! Overnight camp was such a huge part of my childhood. So glad you found a nice one!

  3. oh...memories....I so loved my days at summer camp....and it looks like your lovelies had such a great time:)

  4. That sounds like a fun camp. How nice for you all to be back together now to. :)

  5. Oh what fun. I can't wait for my little one to go on her first camp trip.
    I still have great memories from when I went to summer camp.
    Great photos ;)

  6. What a great experience for those two!

  7. Wow, what a beautiful way to describe their experience, and yours. I am so glad that everyone had a wonderful time, and how great that they get to return again next year

  8. It's hard to believe such a fabulous summer is over! It looks like an amazing experience. :)


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