Wednesday, June 23, 2010

more beachy fun

being dragged on the boogie board by a big brother

being buried (standing up) in the sand by the siblings (which then sparked a 20 minute water shoe hunt)

watering the flowers

discovering a skate egg sac

digging a trench to the ocean

exploring the Hatteras lighthouse (in the crazy 95° heat)

watching the lighthouse climbers from a shady spot

relaxing on the beach house hammock

drying all the swimsuits during dinner (and now we can participate in Wash Wednesday)

finally, observing a lovely sunset over the sound with a windsurfer zipping along in the fading golden light

*Don't forget to check out beach week on The Book Children*


  1. Beautiful photos Joy!
    The sunset looks like it is just melting into the ocean, the beach certainly is a perfect spot to have a clothesline : ) I am so happy you were able to participate in wash wednesday this week!! Enjoy your time and your family xo

  2. You know what just occured to me? You and I have much the same spread in children's ages. 3 olders and 1 younger. This is such a wonderful mix, don't you think?

  3. What a lovely day Joy! How wonderful that you live so near to the ocean. We live far inland and yearn for the sea... Looks like everyone is having so much fun! Love your Wash Wednesday photo:)

  4. Oh, that looks so nice ... and fun!!!! I have been missing ocean beach.

  5. Loving that sunset and all of the beach fun!

  6. I am in love with that wash line-- looks like such an awesome trip!

  7. That light house is so charming! You live in such a beautiful spot. :)

  8. You're all beach professionals now! Love it. your sunset photo is so perfect and dreamy.

  9. Are you at the outerbanks?! Thats where I found my first mermaid's purse (skate egg sac), too! It was on an oceanography trip I took in college when I lived in NY, still. Such good memories! You guys look like you had such a blast! I love the pics!!


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