Tuesday, August 24, 2010

scenes from a random August day

We're starting to get into the full swing of school now with Paulie and Philip starting tomorrow. As such, things have been a little busier than usual. Ok, actually, the busyness might have more to do with the fungus that was found in our crawlspace and the expensive, time-consuming solution. I'm choosing to focus on the positives though...like the ones below:


::Elizabeth-made dessert of blended mango sorbet, frozen strawberries and OJ::

::watching little boys try to eat drippy desserts::

::and say, "ooh, yucky!!" then cackle while he slurps up her concoction::

::new ways to read bedtime stories::

::indignance over extra kids in the book version of Mary Poppins::

What are the positives in your life right now?


  1. Elizabeth's dessert sounds delicious! What a funny little brother she has. ;)
    A positive in my life right now? That bedtime is only about three hours away! I'm tired.

  2. Oooo I want some of that dessert! For me, I am loving this cooler weather! And having visiting friends who are like family.

  3. Great images! The dessert looks yummy but what I really enjoyed was Finn's innovative reading seat! Positive for us is being back home after a whole week camping!

  4. The positives in my life are one and two years old and come see me several days a week for extended hours. I love child care and i get to do it in my own home!!!!

  5. LOL Oh I laughed when I saw the one of Paul reading bedtime stories....I thought my husband was the only one who 'played' whilst lying down practically anywhere....our girl has been known to line up an entire traffic jam of toy cars in a neat line along his profile as he snores on her bedroom floor lol

  6. So beautiful Joy.
    The positives in my life right now is the little 4 year old laying right next to me kissing my arm, while saying "I love mama so much". Oh the small simple joys.


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