Tuesday, August 10, 2010

on being a joiner

Apparently I've turned into quite a joiner out here in the blogiverse. For many months now, I've joined in the WIP Wednesday fun by posting about my ongoing, or just completed, projects. This week I'm still working on Elizabeth's sweater after frogging an entire front panel over the weekend. Somehow I managed to do half of the left and half of the right at the same time. That doesn't turn out so well in case you were wondering. I'm almost back to where I was and then I'll just have the sleeves, collar and piecing to do. Woohoo! I'm ready to be done with this one!

After seeing the new space that some of my bloggy friends have created called We Deserve This, I thought I'd join in with my new cocoa chai. If you are a local and have never visited Angelina's Teas, you definitely should remedy that! They have hundreds of specialty and organic teas, herbal blends and all other things tea-related. You're likely to happen upon a new favorite without even trying!

See what a beautiful cup of chai with a little bit of local raw honey (is it still raw if you spoon it into piping hot, steeping tea? hmmm...) and local milk. I deserve this!

And the last thing I'm joining is Wandering Wednesday, at the same time as We Deserve This really. Every Wednesday, Gardenmama has collected an interesting array of feet wandering so many different places. This week, mine wandered their way up to the deck rail so I could enjoy the sunset with my cup of cocoa chai.

Join me in the joining, won't you?


  1. Look at your blue toes! Wish I had the time to join in-- but I can't take pictures with a paint brush in my hand!

  2. Yay for blue toes! Mine are blue too, only I can't actually see them. But I did pick out blue at a pedicure a couple of weeks ago...
    That chai looks fabulous, but right now I would need it on ice!

  3. Oh yum, chai tea! The blue toenails are cute...I love that whole backyard/cup of tea scene.

  4. I want to make myself a cup of chai- right now!

  5. I think one of the great things about 'joining' is that it helps bind us to each other as a community. Sometimes it is hard to find like minded people in our everyday neighborhood. Love your blog and those blue toes!

  6. i dig it!!! and well said, mama:)
    your chai looks amazing.....

  7. well i am so happy to see you joining in mama : )
    i love the blue toes, these are the second set of blue toes i have seen in the photo challenge! i will have to put the two of you one after the other on next weeks post : )

  8. I joined in this weeks too. Here is my link:


  9. I just love that you're a joiner :D!

    Those blue toes are awesome and I think I actually breathed a sigh of peace seeing that lovely cup of chai.

    Elizabeth is going to look even lovelier than she already does in that sweater! That color is going to be gorgeous on her... promise you'll take pictures of her in it when it's done? Pretty Please?


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