Friday, August 13, 2010

camp update & the littles left at home

We've been watching on the camp website all week to see some updates and photos of Paulie and Elizabeth enjoying their week at camp. It was fun to see Paulie in fishing class with his handmade fishing pole. He's taken this class for 3 years now and made a pole each time. He's become quite the avid fisherman.

Elizabeth is apparently taking canoeing class again this year, which didn't surprise us since she enjoyed canoeing so much last year. She's so tiny that it seems odd to me that she'd enjoy paddling around the lake every day, but she really loved it so much that she chose to canoe again during her free time.

We also saw a shot of Elizabeth at the camp-wide square dance. I love that they do this each year with a local bluegrass band. This is what great camp memories are made of. :)

While the biggers have been gone, we've been trying to do some fun things with the littles so they don't feel left out. This evening we went to our local kiddie waterpark which is always popular in our family.

Clearly, they aren't suffering too much. :)

Lots of fun to be had with the water dumping,

frog leaping and crab crawling.

Philip was amazed to find a ladybug on his arm while he was in the pool. He played with it the rest of the time we were at the park.

We'll be heading over to stay in Asheville near the camp for an evening tomorrow night so we can pick up Paulie and Elizabeth on Sunday. (Paul and I will have 18 hours all to ourselves!) Lovely weekending to all!

*the camp pictures are courtesy of the camp staff


  1. Oh what fun! It brings back memories or 4-H camp from when I was kid, I loved it. Can't wait to hear camp stories after you pick them up. Enjoy your time together!! <3

  2. How amazing that the camp updates the parents by web site! Back in my day...

    ... we wrote home on stone tablets ;)

  3. Looks like ALL of your kids are having fun right now. I love that the camp has a website for parents to see what their kids are up to. Very cool...

  4. What a great week, for all your kids! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  5. Amazing photos Joy!! It looks like all of the kids had the perfect summer. :-)


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