Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday lunch and Finn's art

Hey, what do you's Saturday Lunch on Saturday for a change. Finn wanted to show you his lunch first today. It's so funny when you've been blogging a while and your kids start to ask, "Will you take a picture of this and put it on your blog?" So here it is, Finn's lunch less than an hour after bringing it home from the farmer's market: scrambled eggs, sauteed onions, bell peppers and zephyr squash, fresh blueberries and roasted, salted cashews. Yum!

Mama decided to have an omelet instead, with the sauteed veggies tucked inside, with fresh German Johnson tomato, blueberries and rosemary flatbread on the side. Delicious!

Finn spent almost the entire morning that we weren't at the farmer's market working on various art projects, and it occurred to me that I haven't highlighted his artistic transformations on this blog recently. He's seen the older kids working with modeling wax in the past but never asked to work on it himself. This morning he wanted the modeling wax and a hair dryer please, which shows how much he pays attention to his siblings' work.

He warmed then folded every piece of modeling wax and stuffed them all into this mason jar and requested a "long piece of tape that says 'Finnsto and hair dryer.'" Kids have the best self-expression at this age with no preconceived notions that there's a right way to do things.

Another artistic development in Finn recently is the formation of representational art. We're starting to recognize objects form under his crayon, mostly vehicles, and he's so excited that we can (sometimes) tell what he's drawing.

Here you have a car (see the arched top with a small window and 2 wheels). He's even discovered the fun in cutting his drawings apart and piecing them back together glued to a second sheet in a puzzle sort of way.

He also occasionally comes home with some fun projects from his Montessori preschool including this sculpture.

And this beautiful sunflower.

Happy weekending!


  1. What a sweet boy! And what a yummy-looking lunch!

  2. He is such a cutie, and truly, there isn't much better than kid art.

  3. We went to the farmer's market too, today. Actually 3 of them, lol!

    Your lunch looks very similar to what our dinner is going to look like. ;)

  4. mmmmmm, so much goodliness here! I love it all.
    Loved the colors in the second plate - and then Finn, and then the rainbow... and then the sunflower!

  5. Your blog looks really good! I love the colors. I love watching Campbell make her art--she just goes and grabs random things out of the art closet and gets busy. She has this intense look on her face like CREATE, CREATE! Yesterday she filled a mason jar with rosemary and flowers and then took modeling clay and put it all over with "jewels" pressed in all over. And she needed a popsicle stick for the grand finale. It was quite a sculpture! Don't you love when they just follow their own instincts?

  6. First...the food looks amazing (as usual). Finn is one terrific and creative child...but that's not surprising! I LOVE how he wanted you to tape "Finnsto" on the jar...that's beyond cute Joy!! The projects are just terrific, I love to see a little creative mind in action. . :-)


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