Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wed - a dinner and a WIP

#14. Eat foods made from ingredients that you can picture
in their raw state or growing in nature.
~ Michael Pollan, Food Rules

This evening, a meal that took only 30 min of prep time. You just let the soup simmer so the flavors meld and the gluten-free cornbread is a quick mix as well.

Gluten-free Vegan Corn Bread (from Babycakes Cookbook) glazed with honey butter (yes, I recognize the irony in glazing my vegan cornbread with honey butter, but it's SO yummy!)

Southwest Pumpkin and White Bean Soup, recipe on an earlier post, garnished with lime-soaked avocados

On the WIP front, I'm still working on Elizabeth's birthday sweater. It's coming along nicely and should be complete in the next day or two. It's always weird how variegated yarn manages to un-variegate sometimes and leave you with big chunks of color in a weird pattern. I would have preferred the body of the sweater to variegate more like the sleeves, but I know better than to try to control things like that!

Here's the WIP part...I'm working on the turtleneck. Gotta keep her skinny little neck warm. :) Hopefully next week I'll be able to show you my second completed sweater!


  1. Thanks for all the recipes! So inspiring! I need to get back on track! I fell off the wagon during the holidays....

    You sure do knit fast....

  2. Nice job on the sweater! Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. I love the colors in that sweater! That's going to be beautiful.
    I love eating soup and cornbread for dinner. That soup looks good. :)

  4. The colors are beautiful! Good luck with the sweater...and that soup looks fantastic!

  5. Hello Joy,
    You have been posting such fantastic blog posts:) Thanks so much.

  6. that soup looks really yummy...I love reading these food rules.

    I love the colors of the sweater you are making too...

  7. I've been so into soups these past few weeks- I really need to try your entire meals these days!


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