Sunday, January 31, 2010

snowed in

With 8+ inches of snow on the ground this weekend, our part of NC came to a screeching halt. We aren't quite sure what to do with that much snow down here (I heard rumor of more than one snowplow stuck in a snowdrift) so I'm giving you a pictorial walk through our snowed in experience.

While we were snowed in,

we snowboarded on sleds,

(and only wiped out a little),

checked on the poor, confused NC birdies,

admired our snow-covered field,

ate snow cream for breakfast,

made watercolor paper lanterns,

experimented with snow, salt, and food coloring,

and generally tried not to freeze to death!


  1. Wow! I can't believe how much snow you are getting! And of course I love your lanterns, they look fabulous!! Isn't the glow lovely. Stay warm!!xo

  2. That is CRAZY how much snow you have gotten. I'm very excited for you all! We haven't gotten that much at all this year, it's all in the South. Weird weather. did the experiment work with the snow?


  3. I didn't step foot outside all weekend-- it's COLD. But G sure did enjoy using his new snowplow to salt and plow the sidewalk-- thank goodness for German toys!

  4. Ok I'll be sure not to tell you about all of the sunny hikes to beautiful turtle filled beaches we went on this weekend. I promise.
    Stay warm!

  5. What a treat for you guys!!! If I lived back east I would take advantage of any snow! No school today , kids!
    i wish WE had some more snow here in Alaska! It's been weeks!

  6.'s snowing as I type and wish I could wake Emily and make some snow ice cream! Sadly, it's 11:15pm so I'm controlling myself. ;)

    Some people say I'm crafty but they have NO IDEA what crafty could be! You take the cake my friend, the delicious, healthy cake. :)


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