Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Magic Flute - in puppets

A while back, I posted about Elizabeth's school along with an excerpt of their most recent big project, which was a puppet version of Mozart's The Magic Flute. The 3rd graders at her school were supposed to have a big live performance just before the winter break, which ended up being postponed due to a snowstorm that descended. They were finally able to perform this weekend and I'm including an excerpt of one of Elizabeth's parts as a bird. I love how her school is able to integrate what the students are working on in dance, music, art and drama to culminate in an arts extravaganza while they immerse themselves in this historic masterpiece.

From The Magic Flute program:
This production began with a study of the art and history of ancient Egypt. Students...studied the opera itself, and we listened to recordings, watch videos of professional opera productions and stop-action animation, created our own dialogue, recorded dialogue for the show, and created puppets for the show. Visiting puppetry artist Lisa Sturz (Red Herring puppets, Asheville) gave us an introduction, and the puppets were created by parents, teachers, and students together.


  1. The birds were beautiful! What a lovely school! How fabulous to have that as a part of your community!

  2. You have a new look to your blog. Love it!

  3. How wonderful. We love The Red Herring Puppets. A few years ago, we got to watch her work in her studio. It was magical to behind the scenes. What a nice production!

  4. I was looking for puppets and The Magic Flute to see what has been done with the two.
    Wow, this was so fun. Wish I could have seen the production!
    Your an inspiration for sure.


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