Friday, April 24, 2009

Searching for the Flower Fairies

Elizabeth has been reading this library book for the last several nights in a row.  She's very intrigued by the serious, non-fiction nature of the flower listings with the meanings behind each flower and the folklore and remedies that accompanies each entry.  Last evening when we decided to take a friend and frolic in a local park, she was very intent on studying the flowers and looking for possible signs of fairy friends.

Just a few of the varieties we saw:

They hunted for fairies,

gathered fallen buds,

and hunted some more,

even in flowering trees.

Finn preferred to hang out in the gazebo.

No fairies were found that day, but Elizabeth and her friend each came home with a nice assortment of fallen buds which they were happy to settle for.  Another day perhaps...


  1. Beautiful flower pictures ...

  2. It was definitely a nice evening for searching for flower fairies :)

  3. I can definitely see there are great possibilities in finding fairies among those beautiful flowers. Kayla, too, is hoping to see one someday.

    Finn looks so tiny in that gazebo!

  4. I love that you guys went to look for faeries! That's too cute! Next time you'll have to plant some in the yard, or traces of them in the house somewhere. ;)

    I also love Finn's rocks. When I was a camp counselor in college we used to paint our entire bodies with tempera paint whenever we had themed dinners. Then we'd go jump in the "lake" to wash off. Not the best environmental practice, but it was fun for the kids to watch the water turn rainbow.

  5. Those are beautiful photos of the flowers. Maybe next time they'll find a fairy. :)

  6. Great flower photos-I especially love the first one!

  7. How am I just seeing this? Those are some great shots!

    Also, can your rec. a book on the caterpiller life cycle that would interest Grady? Something a little more concrete than The Very Hungry Cat.-- my only thought right now!

  8. Wow!!! What gorgeous flowers and pictures. You should think about joining the "flowers" flickr group and posting these. :)


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