Thursday, April 23, 2009

Painting Rocks

Finn has been asking for about a week to paint some rocks so last night we settled down with some tempera paint to decorate his rocks.  He did a fantastic job, even if the blue dominated and made the rocks mostly look dark blue/black with streaks of other color.  He also thoroughly enjoyed himself.

He especially enjoyed when mommy went to place his rocks up to dry.  He painted his arms and hands with his paintbrush; then when mommy went to get the camera to take a picture of his hands/arms, he headed for the face.

And then he saw what he'd done.

Bathtime for Finn!  In purple water.

His rocks turned out so cute and colorful.  Maybe we'll put some googly eyes on them and turn them into pets, or maybe we'll glaze them and put them in the garden.  What do you think?

I also wanted to give a shout out to Paulie who made this fabulous dipped beeswax candle at a special AL (advanced learning) class field trip.  He was so proud of this candle, and being beeswax candle lovers in this house, we were thrilled he learned to dip candles!


  1. Thank you for this little story and pictures. I woke up this morning feeling kind of blue (overwhelmed, dreary day, etc. . )and this was the first blog I looked at. Those pictures of Finn cheered me right up! I love the one of him looking at what he had done. Precious!

  2. that is so funny... I was like oh, my! You are such a great mom. I would be like, uhhgggg!! But really how can we be upset at his huge happy face and those sparkle in his eyes looking innocently at you? :)

  3. Paint all over with a great big smile! lol

    I love the candle. Those are actually pretty hard to do and keep them so straight. Great job!

  4. Oh my. lol That was the perfect start to today.

    When I scrolled down, my 2 yr old started pointing and giggling hysterically. "PAINTING!!" she squealed.

    His smile in the tub is infectious.

  5. I'll have to show you a picture of me, aged 3. My dad was in charge while my mom was out, the Smurfs were in... you get where this is going, right? I'm totally naked except for training pants and an inexplicable striped sock, and totally, all-over blue.

    Great candle-- Paulie should teach a little class for those of us who want to learn.

  6. Such cute pictures of Finn! he looks like he really enjoyed himself. Good for Paulie on the candle. I know from experience, that dipped candles aren't so easy to make. ;)

  7. Those pictures are great! Reminds me of a day in our house.

  8. Finn is such a funny little man! The paint all over him is too funny!


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