Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

This weekend was a flurry of church, Good Friday communion, Easter baskets, homemade goodies, friends, food, egg hunts, outside play, and a short ER visit.  (Paulie fell from the monkey bars in our backyard and landed on his head sustaining a mild concussion but was released after a short observation.)  Here are some of the scenes from our weekend:

Eggies for the big kids' baskets
(directions for your own Eggies here)

Finn was as thrilled about his own needle-felted "Bill"
as I hoped he'd be.

Paulie, checking out his Four In A Row game

Finn, learning to scoop balls

Let the hunting begin!


  1. I love those Easter bags. Looks really fun. Those eggs are really cute too.

  2. Your kids look adorable in their tie dye. Looks like you had such a fun day and the look on your sons face with his needle felted treat is priceless...

  3. What fun! Your eggs look so beautiful in the tree. Falling from the monkey bars and landing on your head is not a good Easter tradition to start. I'm glad Paulie is OK.

  4. You sure do squeeze a whole lot into two days! It looks like a find time was had by all (and glad your hosp. stay was a short one!

  5. Cute! Those giant eggs you made are adorable. :) So sorry about the ER visit...glad Paulie's alright. I love all those tie dyed shirts your kids are wearing.


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