Tuesday, April 7, 2009

eggs and black eyes

Finn had a rough evening last night resulting in a black eye this morning.  He slipped out of his chair at the dinner table, hitting his left eye on the metal edge of our table, smacking the back of his head on his chair and then landing on the floor and falling backward again.  Poor guy!  Of course, the torturous mommy that I am, I needed a picture of the eye this morning, which he roundly rejected cooperating for, as you can see below.  Although you can nicely see the low water immersion dyed shirt that I managed to eke out for him last night following all the headbanging.

Also last evening, Elizabeth and I decided to get all the eggs ready for our hunt on Saturday.  Below you can see all the lovely crocheted, felted and wooden eggs.  (The wooden eggs can be found on etsy.)  Such lovely bits of nature...

Oh, and also here are the garish plastic ones.  Ones I did not have to buy, but we had saved from egg hunts past.  The ones on the left are filled with organic dark chocolate and organic jelly beans.  That makes them ok, right?  Elizabeth actually calls them jolly beans.  You get it?  The 'O' is for organic.  The plastic eggs on the right are filled with small polished stones, only for the big kids, hence the separate basket.  You can see which eggs Finn prefers...

Hope your evening was calmer than ours!


  1. Poor little Finn, how awful. I get quite freakish when the girls hit their heads now, ugh, Araina is especially bad about that. My husband has threatened keepeing a helment of her. I hope his little eye heals up quickly. The eggs are beautiful! Jolly beans, that's hilarious.

  2. Poor Finn... I hope at least it turns lots of nasty colors that boys seem to think are so cool, lol.

    Had to laugh at you taking a photo. You are such a true blogger...not that I can relate or anything. ;)

    Love ya,

  3. Poor little guy! I'm starting to learn that black eyes and bumps and bruises are part of the world of boys. (and I always take photos too!)

  4. poor Finn. That must have hurt. My son also hit his head and it immediately was swollen. Luckily, he is okay.

    The eggs are so lovely. We have lots of plastic eggs which we have saved. I'm not crazy about them either. I like the wooden ones much better but not sure how my kids feels about those. hmm..

    Hope Finn gets better soon!

  5. Poor Finn! We had a rough night, too-- back at Cone for "observation" b/c of JH's nasty cough. He's perfectly fine, but it threw off my whole week-- the Easter Bunny might be a week late around here.

    Your eggs are so beautiful! I want to dip my hands into that basket and just feel all of them. I can't say I agree with Finn on that-- the plastic ones are just not as nice!

  6. Poor guy! That's sad!

    love you eggs so much! i might have to buy dark chocolate this year... :)

  7. Poor Finn! That sounds like a tough night.
    I'm not organizing the Easter Egg hunt this year, and I know my kids will be getting lots of non-organic, high fructose corn syrup, artificially colored candy in their plastic eggs where they're going. ;p I want to bring my kids to your house for the hunt!

  8. Poor Finn. :( I hope he heals up soon.

  9. Lol on the organic stuff in the plastic eggs... yes, that makes it alright!
    Sorry for poor Finn. And well done on your needle felted girl... she's so sweet... 1000 times better than my first attempt! You are a natural. I LOVE your sheep too. And... look at all those lovely eggs!

  10. Your eggs are beautiful! Hope your little guy is feeling better.


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