Thursday, January 29, 2009

While I Worked

Finn and Daddy spent some special time at the park the other day while I was working.  I hate missing time like this, especially in January when the weather is so rarely cooperative enough to allow a trip to the park. I am, however, glad that Finn and Daddy were able to enjoy each other's company, to soak up the sunshine and to stretch their limbs while I sat woodenly staring at a fluorescent screen all day.

Yes, Finn is getting too big AND losing his curls all at the same time.  Too much for a mother to take all at once, I'm thinking.


  1. Wow! His curls are gone! Curl-less or not, he is a doll.

  2. What a cutie! And GREAT portraits!
    Having Daddy and Lo get in some special one on one time makes being at work on Saturdays so much easier!

  3. Your husband got some great shots! What a cute kid. ;)

  4. I hadn't noticed his curls were gone until I read this post. He's growing up. :-) So cute. And I just love his little smile. You can tell he enjoyed him and daddy time. :-)


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