Thursday, January 22, 2009

5 Things

5 Things I'm Loving Today

1. The sun, streaming through the windows warming our house
(and this rosemary plant, turned scraggly in the winter)

2. Smartwool socks 

3. The birdies that visit our feeder.

4. Finn's newly discovered love of marbles

5. This felt project I made the other evening
(the colors make me so happy)


  1. I've been loving to play with felt lately as fact I'll probably post about it later. ;)

  2. What lovely photos. I also really like the bird feeder.

  3. Oh marbles, I used to love them as a kid. So pretty and mesmerizing. The felt project looks interesting. I find felting so interesting, but one look at those needles and I think twice. They look painful if not used right and I am constantly stabbing myself while I cross stitch. LOL!


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