Thursday, January 15, 2009


A perfect, three-quarter moon lit the clear NC sky last night.  I noticed on my way upstairs to bed and mentioned it to Paul, who then convinced me to commit the beauty to film.  Outside.  In my pajamas.  At 25 degrees.  Brrr!  I realize that 25 degrees probably sounds temperate to anyone in the Northeast or Midwest right now, but this is the biggest cold snap, in what has turned out to be the coldest winter, we've had in several years.

The view from the far side of the driveway

The view from back in my safe cozy house

The trusty weathermen are saying that tonight and tomorrow night will be in the low teens or single digits.  I'm glad I got my moon picture last night!


  1. We've really been enjoying the full moon around here. Even went out after dinner for a bit of moonlight sledding and skiing last week. The kids loved it. Thanks for following numbmum.

  2. P.S. How do I follow your blog?

  3. Oh that is a fabulous photo of the moon! It is super chilly here as well.

  4. Beautiful photos! I remember taking pictures of lunar eclipse last year when it was only about 25 degrees outside...brrr.

  5. There's been many a late night and early morn where I've gone out in just my robe to get some shots of the moon or the aurora!
    Beautiful moon shot!

  6. Oh I love how during the cold months you can see the moon and stars so well. I guess we don't have the foggy haze over us like we do in the warmer months. But this winter is proving to be a really chilly one for sure. So I think we have several more pretty moons to look forward to before the heat sets in. Love your pictures.


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