Monday, January 19, 2009

The Tomten

As one of our weekend projects, we decided to read the Tomten, a winter favorite by Astrid Lindgren, then each child picked a favorite part of the story to illustrate according to their interpretation.

I'm not entirely sure which part of the story was Finn's favorite, but he intently illustrated (with jumbo triangle colored pencils from Stubby Pencil Studio, check them out) the whole time his siblings worked on their pages.

Philip and Paul chose the section of the story when the tomten peered at the sheep.  They particularly like how spooky the tomten looks in the shadows.

Elizabeth, not surprisingly, liked the part when the tomten talks to the horse.

The kids all enjoyed this project so we're open for suggestions of other books to interpret.


  1. How about three tales of My father's dragon by Ruth stiles gannet? My 3 children LOVED doing their own interpretations of the dragon--great read aloud...

  2. I love that book! For the kozies, I used the idea from this tutorial:
    Instead of using lots of fabric, I just used one, and quilted the main fabric, batting and backing together so it didn't move about. It was rather easy-a fun finished-in-an-hour project.

  3. We love that book at our house! The drawings your children did are so sweet. Have they heard the Story of the Root Children by Sibylle von Olfers? I think that one would be fun to interpret with drawings as well.


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