Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new year.

The year ended much the same way began...sharing a meal then a countdown with old friends.  We not only had our old friends from DC here for the night, but we also shared the evening with some new friends as well.  It seemed fitting, the blend of old and new.  I was much too busy enjoying myself to take any photos.  Sometimes that's how it ought to be, I think.

This morning, we started 2009 off with a bang:
another recipe from Apples for Jam
Blueberry Buttermilk Cake

with pineapple and mimosas on the side

and Judah on Paul's shoulder

and the girls shoveling their breakfast down
so they can feed our neighbor's horse some apples.

We ended our first day in 2009 as a family
(vegetarian-ized with kidney beans instead of beef)

May the rest of 2009 be just as filled
with friends, family, food, contentment.


  1. oh I love Apples for Jam--isn't it great???

  2. What an awesome day! I'm diggin the look of those Mimosas!!!!! We really miss our neighbors horses-they added such character to our road and the kids loved bringing them treats.
    And that chocolate granola down below! OMG......I'm gonna get fat!

  3. A great book indeed. The book makes me want to cook!

  4. What a great way to start the year. I need to get that Apples for Jam book!

  5. Oh, I want to make some blueberry buttermilk cake.

  6. Ooooh - blueberry buttermilk cake sounds like a fabulous something for a tea party! (or for a delicious party in my mouth). I'm gonna have to have a bit of that....


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