Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Day

Does anyone want to know what qualifies as a "Snow Day" in NC?

That would be less than an inch of snow
(see below)

That's right; we received less than an inch of snow and the schools shut down, cars spun around (at least in our neighborhood), and the kids frolicked like they'd been handed a belated Christmas present.  (see below)

Of course, in my opinion, a snow day could not have come at a better time.  Right on the heels of MLK Day, we had an extra day to sleep in, which only Elizabeth took full advantage of, the kids were able to make pizzas for lunch... 

and watch the inauguration from the comfort of their own cozy home.

Root Vegetable Stew rounded out the snow day, 
because everyone needs hearty soup and warm bread
after playing in the snow.


  1. I'm so glad you're kids got to have a snow day and watch the inauguration. That's not an awful lot of snow. ;) But, if people aren't used to driving in it, I understand.

  2. My best friend who grew up in CA, but spent her high school years in NY and now lives in NC called me about your snow day down there. It looks like it was oodles of fun.

  3. Funny. :) Sounds like a nice day at home!

  4. We're so jealous! What fun you had, though. Wish we were there!

  5. I've lived in NC most of my life, minus 4 years in Germany, and as a kid when it began to snow you always got excited here because you knew once it started to stick just a bit school was closed. Woot! LOL! Glad you all enjoyed the snow day. We got about 3 inches down where I am. It was nice to see the snow, I've been waiting for it. :-)


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