Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Send-off...plus celebration

Last night, we had a small dinner party to send off my parents who flew out early this morning to head back to their home in the Philippines.  The come back to the States every year for 8 weeks or so around the holidays to soak up the grandkids and try not to freeze, as their skin has thinned quite a bit in the tropics.

We also took a bit of time to pre-celebrate Elizabeth's birthday while all the family was around.  Her official party will be Saturday, so she gets a bit of double celebrating this year.  She received, among other things, a fabulous fleece jacket that my friend, owner of Hoot Baby, made.

Stay tuned for the update on the "official" turning 8 party...this year an art-plus-Celtic-music party, planned entirely by Elizabeth herself!

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  1. Elizabeth's party sounds like it's going to be a pretty fun affair. Double celebrations....what a lucky little girl! ;)


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