Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a weekend with family

We spent our holiday weekend in southern IL visiting Paul's dad and siblings.  We only made a quick trip so we just took Finn with us for the visit.  He enjoyed his time with family, especially helping with the wildlife-feeding chores.

We were lucky enough to see a bit of that wildlife while we were out there as well.  These 3 baby birds were alternately squawking for food and sleeping peacefully.

Baby birds are so ugly in a cute sort of way with their awkward tufts of feathers and giant gaping beaks.

We also received several visits from the backyard raccoon.  He was cute and not at all bothered by our (distant) presence in the backyard.

You can see his home in the hole of the tree on the left in the picture below. His little face was so adorable to watch while he peeked out of his hole.

Finn jaunted around a local park to run off some of his abundant energy.

He especially enjoyed having so many family members willing to take turns playing with him.

Once Finn tuckered out, we headed home for a rest.

And while he rested, several of us ambled through the Whiteside Garden Ramble.

Dr. Whiteside purchased this 5 acre farm back in the 1960s and developed it into a personal botanical garden.  With trees, shrubs, and flowers from all over the world, the ramble is truly a work of art...and this was the last annual ramble that is planned.

We had a lovely, albeit brief, weekend in Illinois, and we're already making plans to return with all of the kids, maybe with a side trip to Chicago.  Big thanks to Paul's family for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday weekend.

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