Tuesday, May 1, 2012

kitchen experiments

Different cultures are finding their way into our kitchen over the last few weeks.  I'm a woman obsessed with trying new fermentation and culturing methods since I first started experimenting a few months ago.  Most recently my friend, Jenni, gave me a kombucha scoby so now that's sitting on the counter in some tea.  I'm definitely anxious to see how this experiment turns out to see if we can make kombucha on our own.  I'd even like to experiment with some tea/juice blends for the kids.  Hopefully I can find something they will like as well.

Yogurt cheese?  What?! You've never heard of it either?!  Apparently if you drain yogurt on a cheesecloth overnight, you end up with yogurt cheese.  If you mix it with some herbs, yogurt, lemon juice and raw garlic, you end up with yogurt ranch dip.  It's a well-received experiment.  The boys around here love dipping their raw veggies (and chips) in it.

The sourdough is as hearty as ever.  I'm making 2 loaves a week as sandwich bread and toast for breakfast.  This long loaf pan that Paul gave me for Christmas is staying busy!  I actually added whey (I seem to accumulate the whey faster than I can use it!) this time to introduce some new bacteria to the sourdough.

I also made mozzarella cheese again this week, with raw milk this time.  I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily the cheese came together from raw milk.  Much more easily and quickly than pasteurized.  Like it's almost supposed to be made that way.  Interesting...  ;)

And what do you do with all of that delicious raw milk mozzarella but make pizza.  Pizza with caramelized onions, fresh herbs, and a sourdough crust, no less.

A delicious experiment indeed.

Next up: making my own buttermilk.  Stay tuned!


  1. You're a fermenting fool! :) The kombucha looks lovely--can't wait to try it!

  2. oh my goodness. our kitchens are looking SO similar right now. i really need your help with my sourdough though. and, believe it or not, yogurt cheese is one of our faves. a lot like goat cheese.

  3. mmmm this post looks delicious! i tried my hand at kombucha but after several runs with it i could never catch it in time. it was either not ready, then over ready (hello vinegar!!) the next time i checked. my friend is a kombucha queen and she served me some really tasty kombucha with cardamon. she also recommended ginger. good luck!

  4. Wow! I am very impressed with all the things you have made from scratch. You are quite an inspiration!

  5. Where did you get that glass container for your kombucha? Looks perfect! Have you tried making water kefir? Yummy summer treat!


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