Thursday, May 17, 2012

homeschooling in spring

Homeschooling has been a hit or miss kind of activity around here lately.  (It's a good thing that learning happens whether we make time for specific instruction or not!)  Volunteering has gotten in the way; swim lessons have gotten in the way; life in general has gotten in the way.

Over the last few days, however, we decided to make a bit of time to learn about ladybugs.  We've read our couple of books over and over until Finn is pretty handy with the life cycle terms and body part terms.

We've also made good use of these little ladybug life cycle stamps I picked up a while back.  Everything is more fun with stamps, no?

The coloring occasionally gets in the way of more stamping, so he tends to rush through that part.

His writing has been largely getting easier to read, even if the lines are more of a suggestion than a guide.  He's also started writing for the fun of it, which can be very tricky when he insists, "no, I want YOU to read it, Mama!"

And much of his education this spring has happened right here.  He's always so willing to help plant, water (or drown, as the case may be), and check up on our little plantlings.  The acorn squash and butternut squash he planted "all by himself" and are his favorites to examine each day.

Occasionally we'll evening find something other than plant life in the garden so we'll pause to study what we think is happening.  This spider came a bit too close to the new beet seedlings, which if you've followed our garden saga you'll know is dangerous territory.  "Mama! He's trying to be the next aminal to eat our beets!" (I'll be sad when aminal is no longer part of his vocabulary.)

His reading is still coming along as well.  He found a set of books at the library that he really enjoys reading.  They are Primary Phonics readers by Educators Publishing Service.  We get 2 new books on our bi-weekly trips to the library then try to read them 2-3 times each before returning them.

He's really responded to these sweet little animal stories.  They make him laugh, and they are the perfect level for his reading right now.  Although some days he'll read almost the whole book in one sitting, most days it's more like 5 pages.

What's happening in your homeschooling world this spring?


  1. He is so cute! We need to get some of those crayons here. My thoughts are jumbled. Our at home learning has also taken a less organized approach lately.

  2. we've been on an extended spring break. with the weather how it is, i'd prefer the girls to have as much free time to be outside and explore as possible--there'll be time inside when the weather gets muggy...

  3. You know handwriting is our biggest homeschool battle around here. Then some days I see my husband's writing and I sigh and think I should give up and just let him type everything.
    Looks like you guys are making the most of spring :)


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