Monday, May 21, 2012

garden update

Our garden is humming right along enjoying the warmth of the sun and several days of rain we've had over the last week.  The tomato plants are getting quite large and have many buds all over them.

The yellow squash and zucchini plants are continuing to grow like weeds and are starting to fill in nicely.  You can see in this photo and the one above that Paul filled my garden rows with landscape paper and mulch to keep the weeds and grass from growing between the rows.  It's much nicer to walk around in the garden now.  We'll trim the landscape paper so it's not sticking up so high as soon as the weeds along the edges of the beds die out.

The beets are as large as they've ever been.  So far the plastic over the fence seems to be helping keep out the rodents.  I may actually get some beets from the garden this year after all!

The garden peas are growing quickly as well.  About half of them are already reaching their tendrils around the second string.  I hope to start seeing some pea pods before too long.

The lettuce, well, at least the lettuce that wasn't nibbled by the garden pests, has gotten almost big enough to steal a few pieces.  The plants that were nibbled even look like they might try to come back.

The wild blackberries on our back fence are producing in full force again.  We mostly just have green and slightly red berries so far.  I'll bet that 2 more weeks and we'll see a few black ones on the bushes (if I can get to them before Finn does).

How is your garden growing?


  1. Your veg garden is looking wonderful Joy!

    The plastic covers on the sides is such a good idea!

    Take care

  2. Your garden looks like it's doing great! Our peas are at about the same stage of growth; we sure are looking forward to picking some fresh ones off the vine one day soon. No blackberries for us yet, though. Visiting from Ginny's,

    Lisa :)

  3. Your garden is doing awesome! Ours is doing ok - we have a lot of rain recently so some of our seedlings got washed away.


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