Sunday, February 12, 2012

shearing the sheep

Once again we made our way to our favorite little sheep farm for their shearing day. It wasn't as cold as it has been some years, but the wind was whipping through the fields. It sure felt chilly! As usual, we enjoyed our visit to see the sheep, the colorful rooster and to watch those beautiful fleeces be removed from their owners then skirted and bagged by sheep variety. And as usual, the kids romped, climbed and petted then complained that it was freezing!

Every year we debate going to the farm for shearing day because inevitably, even in a mild winter, shearing day falls on the coldest day of the week (or of the winter, in this case). This year when we told the kids we might just skip it, their faces filled with horror. Philip even prayed at dinner for God to bless our food and "please let us be able to go to the sheep shearing". do you ignore a request like that?!

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  1. What a cool tradition. (no pun intended, today was seriously brisk...brrrr!) Great photographs of the day, too.


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