Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yarn Along

I'm still working on the same sweater as last week, and making little progress, I'm afraid. The all-consuming beast that is Elizabeth's play has devoured all of my time. (You should see my house right now. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't.)

I did find some time last weekend to start Free-Range Kids, a loan from a friend. I agree with nearly everything she says, but I do find some of her style to be a bit heavy-handed. I've never been a particularly hovering parent though. I'm more interested to glean from the bits of the book dealing with sharing more responsibility with children. I think most Americans, myself included, could do a better job allowing and expecting our children to shoulder their age-appropriate share of the homefront workload.


  1. I agree with you about children shouldering age appropiate work. I think it give children a sense of pride and teaches them that if they want something, they must work for it. Ok, I will climb down from my platform.:)
    Have a lovely yarn along day.

  2. I hope this week you find time to knit with wild abandon :)

  3. Tell Elizabeth to 'break a leg'!


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