Tuesday, February 28, 2012

on the stage

This entire week I'll be helping the cast and crew of Elizabeth's play spend long days rehearsing in preparation for their 2 nights of performance later in the week. Here are a few shots of their rehearsals:

practicing with sets

rehearsing hair, makeup, and dress

a sea of cowpokes awaiting last-minute instruction

coordinating the dancers

ready for the first dress rehearsal!

nervously waiting backstage

fixing last minute hair emergencies

waiting for her cue...


  1. I gasped when I saw that last picture...beautiful! I know that feeling well...waiting for a cue, heart pounding. Then you just step out there and do it with all your heart. Hope the play goes beautifully!

  2. M. was out sick today and so sorry he missed their performance. It looks just amazing and she looks gorgeous!

  3. Makes me so miss my school days in theatre! It's an experience that stays with you forever.


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