Sunday, February 26, 2012

weekend art

:: collaborative painting::

::painting display::

::paper burning::

::3D paper vehicle construction::

::splatter painting::

::origami of Anakin transforming into Darth Vader::

::book illustration (Cloud Men from James and the Giant Peach)::

We hope your weekend has been equally full of color and creativity.


  1. Wow! They're all so great, what a packed weekend! I adore the oragami... is there a how to on those somewhere?

  2. The painting is gorgeous! The girls did such a great job!!!

  3. No, I can't say our weekend has been artsy at all! The kids haven't asked, and I haven't offered. But feeling inspired by yours! Love the painting on canvas. So much colour! (ps. in Canada, we spell color "colour" just so you know I haven't misspelled it! :)


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