Monday, February 20, 2012

snow day and Starry Night

This winter we have seen the mildest weather that I can remember in this area. We did, between days of 60 degree weather, manage to eek out a snow day today. We received about 2 inches of the white stuff starting just before dark last evening, and Elizabeth and Finn headed out into it immediately, determined to make the most of our snow for the few hours it remained.

The dusting they played in last night nearly doubled by morning, and they suited up into winter gear immediately following breakfast for more outdoor fun.

Finn was less than impressed by the grass ruining his snow angel. "It's not very pretty with green poky things sticking out of it."

I find that snow days generally need an art project to provide distraction while little ones warm up, and clothes dry out, between frolics in the snow. Today, we decided to make our own version of Starry Night.

Finn painted a large sheet of watercolor paper in wet-on-wet style, while Elizabeth busily cut out buildings, landforms and stars.

Another hour or so of snow play while the painting and glue dried. Don't you love Finn's little snowman?

When they were sufficiently frozen and exhausted, they returned indoors to glue the paper cut outs to the painting.

A few swirls and landscaping of beeswax crayon were added, and Elizabeth and Finn pronounced their Starry Night to be complete. Elizabeth decided that she enjoyed replicating Van Gogh in this medium and wants to fill her room many of his other paintings reproduced in the same manner. Now
that makes for a good snow day.


  1. Oh your starry nights are beautiful--and so is your snow. We have had to drive to it this year!

  2. One of my favorite paintings from my favorite painter! I love this idea. They did an amazing job! Your kids are quite talented!


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