Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yarn Along and a pattern

Philip's Christmas blanket is so close to being done that I can taste it. Although it's taken longer to complete than I anticipated (thanks to it being hard to drag along on our many trips this summer), I'm happy to say that another stripe and a half, and it will be done! You can find more details about it here. The reading for the week has been largely centered around things I want to implement when "school" starts for Finn in a few weeks so I've been flipping through many of my Waldorf books including The Waldorf School Book of Soups, The Singing Day, Seven Times The Sun and The Waldorf Book of Breads.

I did finish Elizabeth's elf hat that I began last week. The style is loosely based on the Elf Cap from Handknit Holidays, but I made the point looser, more gnome than elf, probably. :) I'll post a pattern below for anyone who is interested.

Finn was kind enough to be my hat model so the hat can be a surprise for Elizabeth. His fee: one pack of Annie's gummy bunnies. He drives a hard bargain.

size 11 double pointed needles
size 11 16-inch circular needles
bulky weight yarn

Cast on 54 stitches. Join in the round being careful not to twist.
Row 1-4: (Knit 2, purl 2)* repeat until end of row
Beginning with Row 5 knit plain until the hat reaches 5-6 inches (or however long you need it for the head you are trying to fit)
Begin decreases (switching to dpns when necessary):
Row 1: (knit 7, k2tog)* repeat until end of row
Row 2-3: knit
Row 4: (knit 6, k2tog)* repeat until end of row
Row 5-6: knit
Row 7: (knit 5, k2tog)* repeat until end of row
Row 8-9: knit
Row 10: (knit 4, k2tog)* repeat until end of row
Row 11-12: knit
Row 13: (knit 3, k2tog)* repeat until end of row
Row 14-15: knit
Row 16: (knit 2, k2tog)* repeat until end of row
Row 17-18: knit
Row 19: (knit 1, k2tog)* repeat until end of row
Row 20-21: knit
Row 22: (k2tog)* repeat until end of row
Row 23: knit
Row 24: (k2tog)* repeat until end of row
Tie off remaining stitches and weave in loose ends.


  1. adorable hat!!!! thanks for the pattern, now I just have to wait for my yarn to arrive in the mail :)

  2. Ha! My boys will do just about anything for Annie's gummy bunnies. (:

  3. That is the cutest hat. The blanket looks lovely too. I love Steiner/Waldorf books. I have Seven Times the Sun. I pick it up from time to time just to flick through it. Jacinta

  4. Love the hat and the impy face! Thanks for the pattern.

  5. Darling hat and adorable model!

  6. I love that hat....and the name Finn!

  7. Cute hat!

    Do you like the Waldorf soup book?

  8. Looks like a soft and wonderful blanket! Can't wait to see it all finish :)

  9. hmmm...wondering if the library has these book! i love waldorf and as we homeschool too, these might come in handy. the hat looks great!


  10. Too cute. My first hat I knit looked similar to that b/c I just couldn't figure out the decreases! Love the colors.

  11. Love this hat! I have a 3 year old boy who would just be as cute as a button in this. Thanks for the pattern!

  12. The blanket is gorgeous and it looks complete to me. I love the colors in it.

  13. Oh I love the hat but the model is even sweeter!

  14. oh wow. i can't WAIT to try! Nomer (naomi) will flip.


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