Tuesday, August 2, 2011

::right now::

~enjoying~ early morning hikes before the sun bakes us

~cooling~ at a local splash park after the hike

~pondering~ how I managed to miss posting our summer nature table

~smiling~ at all the random Elizabeth-made art I find

~wishing~ I didn't have to lower the blinds by 2 pm to block out the afternoon heat

~marveling~ at the avocado seed that became an avocado plant while we were in Alaska


  1. Hiking, huh? We are not that brave when the humididty is at 85%. Looks like a good day!

  2. Our avocado pits never sprout. How did you do it?

  3. Your yarn stick sun is beautiful, i need to remember to do that craft with Zach sometime. And I too never have success sprouting avo pits. Yous looks like it's certainly thriving!

  4. I third the request for more about sprouting avocado pits, please and thank you!

  5. Finn's avocado pit sat in water for literally 3 months doing nothing until one day it finally sent down a root. I'm guessing that patience (or ignoring it for a really long time) is the key. :)


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