Thursday, August 4, 2011

A day in the life: Wednesday

After so enjoying Grace's days this week, I decided to track our day and take photos wherever possible. I can already think of 2-3 things I missed. (I'll have to try this another day and just wear the camera the whole day.) But here you have it: our Wednesday.

8:30 am: making rock candy

9:00 am: cardboard box car races

10:30 am: making slime

11:45 am: lunch of leftover salad

1:30 pm: quiet time

3:15 pm: afternoon snack

5:00 pm: starting dinner

5:30 pm: Finn molding and remolding the same piece of sculpey for an hour

5:45 pm: Paulie and Philip making a stop-motion animation with Philip's new alien legos

6:00 pm: Paul arrives home with flowers...for no reason

7:00 pm: Kiki is found painting in the upstairs hallway


  1. Flowers for no reason! Score Paul!

  2. Hey are the boys going to post their video. I'm a teacher and love to see kids doing projects like this.


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