Tuesday, August 9, 2011

stop-motion creation

A few people asked me about the frame of Paulie's stop-motion animation from last Friday. Paulie makes several stop-motion animation sets almost every weekend, but it's so time consuming to build into a video that they rarely find their way to YouTube. He spent so much time on this animation though, sculpting as he went, that we just had to put the time into making the movie (er...Paul put the time, anyway). 151 frames, all sculpted into one 20 second animation!

(Don't you love how Finn sneaks into a few frames. :)


  1. Ok, I am insanely impressed! Seriously that was excellent and fun and all I can say is WOW -- look out Nick Park!

  2. Awesome! My oldest son Nick made stop-motion films for years with his bionicle legos. I wish he still did them; it's such a wonderful creative outlet.

  3. That is so funny and cute. My daughter tried a really quick one with a little mouse and my sons love making things with their Legos. Most of their stills are on the camera and they hold down the button. My brother has helped configure some special effects (he's an animator) but we need to find something simple to use. We've tried several ways to make all of them into a movie. What software or thingy (like my terminology?) did he use?

  4. This was REALLY good! Tristan mostly does it with just his Legos, and let me tell you, he has more fun positioning everything and taking the pictures than actually putting it together into a video. I have gobs of photos on my computer ready for him to put together but he just goes right on snapping more pictures instead. We've only managed to complete 2 videos in the last year - both with no sound (both on Facebook)


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