Saturday, August 13, 2011

at camp

It's a different experience, to be sure, to attend camp with the kids this year rather than just send them off to camp. Instead of just being proud of the experiences they are embracing and the ways they are stretching their comfort zones while learning new skills, working hard on jobs like preparing bread and sweeping the dining hall, and gaining greater appreciation for the natural world, I get to watch in awe as I catch glimpses of these accomplishments. I only see each of the kids for a few minutes each day, either in the dining hall or in group activities, but knowing what they are participating in, and seeing the exuberance on their faces as they triumph over various challenges makes being here with them a joyful quest.

And as for my own challenges, well, I get to do things like attempt to teach 25 girls at once, how to wet felt a rock. Despite my limitations in helping 25 girls, they each caught onto the task quickly, and amazingly, we had 25 beautiful rocks in various colors felted to perfection.


  1. i loved camp as a kid. one month every summer i went to a horseback riding camp for girls. awesome memories.


  2. What a blast! Your pictures are making me wish I could go!

  3. Fabulous moments captured! I spent a few days last week with my oldest friend who I met at camp 30 years ago :) We still giggle and chat late into the night like when we were kids.


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