Saturday, April 30, 2011

May Day festival

We were fortunate to have the same kind friends open their home again this year for another May Day festival. Amazingly, the weather was almost identical to last year, breezy, sunny and 75. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather to celebrate our spring festival.

Before the official festivities began, the kids took many turns sailing down the zipline.

Eventually we pried them away long enough to make a flower crown.

So many gorgeous crowns!

Even some beautiful greenery crowns.

We painted some flower cones, to hold our lovely buds.

We snacked on delicious spring fruits and shared a brunch-like meal together.

I again made my popular flowery lemon treats, although this year I used begonias in place of pansies in the frozen lemons.

Soon there were children dotting the yard, slurping frozen lemons everywhere!

Is there anything more beautifully spring than children with ripe cheeks wearing flowery crowns and sucking on flowery lemons?

Our small group of wonderful musicians gathered to sing the May Day song.

And everyone began to gather at the maypole.

With song and laughter in the air, dancing feet, ribbons waving, the beauty of spring burst forth.

We danced and danced and watched the ribbons wrap the maypole. What a lovely festival!

All of the wonderful energy in the air must have inspired Finn. He bravely decided to take his first ride on the zipline.

Welcome May! We can't wait to see what you have in store for us!


  1. Oh dear, is it May already? I am going to have to hide the calender and take a rain check on May Day with Zach. Looks like a lovely time, I esp love the flower crowns!

  2. looks like such a fun time! Happy May!

  3. what a magical day!!!
    happy may day

  4. What a wonderful celebration for the whole family!


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