Wednesday, April 20, 2011

she's on a mission

Elizabeth's class is studying nutrition right now and as part of that unit of study, they are reading Chew On This and watching Food Inc. As a vegetarian family who is very careful about the types of foods we put in our bodies, we have been living by the rules espoused in this book and documentary for many years, but apparently, it's a more eye-opening experience to hear these accounts from a book and movie yourself, with your friends listening at the same time.

Elizabeth and her friends are now on a mission to paper the town with guerilla marketing warfare against McDonalds (whose food and business practices were apparently a focus in Chew On This).

Elizabeth came home from school today with many references from Chew On This of the evils of McDonalds, requested we buy a copy of the book so her brothers could read it as well, and spent much of the evening working on more posters that she and her friends could hang in various places.

She even hung several around our house! (As if the people generally visiting us don't know our stance on McD's ;) The last thing she asked me this afternoon when she was telling me the information she learned was to pass the message on through my blog. I assured her that I would.

And I am.

Because as Elizabeth now sings to the McDonalds theme: "Ba da ba ba baaa, you're dyin' from it!"


  1. I love little activists! Take that passion and change the world girlfriend! Yay!

  2. love her version of the jingle!

  3. what a vigilante! it's nice to see kids get real about this kind of thing! We watched the Food Revolution the other night & it would seem most kids are unaware that chicken nuggets aren't a healthy option...

  4. I love this! My friends often serve the Tyson nuggets on a tray for the kids at parties-- I am sooooo grossed out by it, and want to show them a picture of "how a chicken becomes byproduct becomes processed pink goo becomes-- hey, that thing labeled "chicken" that you just gave your kid to eat". I wish Elizabeth could go door to door!

  5. Good for her!
    I just saw Food Inc. and realized just how McDonald's is blamed for the whole meat industry crisis.


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