Sunday, April 17, 2011

green and growing...

After the scary storms yesterday in our part of the country, which thankfully our town pulled through unscathed, the beauty of spring could be seen today shining it's face toward the sun and soaking up the nourishment of the drenching rains. The timing of the rain was good after the planting we finished earlier in the week. Here is a glimpse of what is peeking out in our world:

begonias, which Finn helped me pick out and plant

celosia, which Elizabeth chose and planted on her own

irises and dianthus, making their appearances for the third year

emerging leaves on the crepe myrtles

And inside the house, Finn is growing an avocado seed, which some of his friends from school have been doing in the after-care program. He's very excited to grow an avocado tree, given his immense love of eating avocados. I have yet to tell him that we don't really have the right climate for growing avocados for fruit. I think it will be enough to see all those amazing roots right through the glass jar and get the experience of growing one of his avocado pits.


  1. My mom has two avocado trees in her house-- they are close to 8 feet tall!--that she has grown from seeds. No avocados yet (and they are like, 12 years old...) but she enjoys prouting the seeds, too!

  2. So glad the storms left you untouched. I can't wait to see the progress on the avo seed... another one we have tried here without success. I have a black thumb :(

  3. never had success with the avocado sprouting--not for lack of trying! but, our irises are blooming for the third year as well & are magnificent. My favorite bulb, by far!

  4. I hadn't heard about the east coast storms, but I'm glad that you are okay. It looks like all the trees and buds are intact, thank goodness. We've been trying to grow avocados too (from trees from the nursery) and are very hopeful of "someday" having some actual fruit to show for it. I love avocados.


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