Thursday, July 29, 2010


When I posted a "corners of" post last, I had a thought that it might become a weekly series here. Alas, two and a half months have past, and I'm finally getting around to another one! But here we are...and here are my corners of glass.

When I was much younger, I remember watching a movie which showed one of the characters blowing glass. Watching the glowing hot lump of glass turn into a beautiful vase, I thought that was surely the most fascinating, and brave, form of artwork I'd ever seen. With one glassblowing class now under my belt (when Finn was 3 weeks old, no less!), I'm happy to leave glassblowing for those less afraid of blowtorches and molten glass and admire the few pieces that I still have from my class. And of course, those I've acquired from other fabulous glass artists.

Hanging over our breakfast nook bay window, glass orbs from a local artist.

The way the light bends and changes through the texture and color of the glass can be amazing sometimes.

The "extras" sit in a bowl on a library shelf. Only 2 of these are from a local artist, one is from Asheville and the other is from a trip to Italy. (The green wool ball in the back is from our trip to Ireland.) I love how seeing these pieces can transport me back to where I was and what I was doing at that time.

A funky little artistic piece made with copper and glass hangs in our kitchen window, a reminder of a fun Christmas party gift exchange.

This next piece sits in my bedroom window. Made from stained glass and copper, it is part of my art-o-mat collection.

And one of the remainders from my glassblowing class, a long, skinny doggy. :)

And a pile of beads. I've intentioned to make them into a ceiling fan chain pull, but that clearly hasn't happened yet.

Even Elizabeth's gotten in on the action a little bit with this glass she covered at yarn camp last year. It looks beautiful with a candle inside!


  1. Oh, my. We watched glass-blowing once-- it was amazing and more than a little scary to me. Your collection is lovely-- I love the orbs, especially!

  2. You have a beautiful glass collection! I love the orbs you have hanging by your kitchen window -- lovely!!

  3. I really like the idea of putting the larger glass balls in a dish. I had a collection of four, but when we redid the kitchen where they lived, we opted to keep things super simple. Having them on a shelf though would be a great place for them!

  4. loving this! the doggie is too adorable...great work!

  5. Lovely! Doug is a big fan of blown glass as well. He had some pieces when we met, but alas they had to go away when we moved aboard the boat. I will have to show this to him. Happy weekend Joy!

  6. I remember seeing glass blown as a child, too! I was fascinated...and a little scared...both at the same time. I imagine these are all so pretty in your home. :)

  7. Oh such beautiful colors! I love the orbs you have hanging next to your windows! I once stopped by a glassblowing studio and was so frightened by the blowtorches, but captivated by the beauty of it all, how awesome that you actually took a class in it!


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