Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WIP Wednesday and yarn camp

A few WIPs for this week, starting with a hat for Finn. Yes, I'm aware that's Paulie in the picture, but since most of my knitting now is for the holidays, I have to grab a model where I can. This baby alpaca in Blaze Heather makes for a super soft, not overly heavy hat. I think it will be perfect for the fall. The pattern is Hurricane Hat, which looks like something Finn would enjoy.

I've also been working slowly but surely on some socks for Elizabeth. This yarn is super skinny and the size 0 needles are taking forever, but I think the Riblet Socks are working up awfully cute in this pink-burgandy Panda Silk.

Last week, Elizabeth spent the week at our local yarn shop's yarn camp, the same camp I blogged about last year. She had such a great time dyeing yarns, learning to knit a small bag, making clay buttons and needle felting flowers.

She also was able to wind her dyed yarn on this handmade ball winder.

And, of course, yarn camp is more fun when you discover a school friend is attending as well.

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  1. yarn camp sounds amazing!
    what gorgeous colors and projects!

  2. Love the hat! So beautiful. Can't wait to learn to knit. Hopefully this winter!

  3. I adore the hurricane pattern! And once again I am in awe that you have something as cool as a yard camp (maybe I am geeky for thinking it's cool). We have nothing like that near us.

  4. What a lovely camp Joy!
    The hat pattern is amazing and looks so soft.
    Take care,

  5. Cute hat--love the spiral pattern. I LOVED camps like that when I was E's age!

  6. what?! yarn camp?! never heard of such a thing, sounds SO COOL!

  7. FANTASTIC projects, yay for Elizabeth! Of course I'm quite impressed by that yarn winder too. So cool!


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