Saturday, July 10, 2010

a weekend full of not much

A weekend full of not much is the best kind. We've had so much going on here over the last month that it was nice to be able to breathe out and just hang around the house for the weekend.

I did start the weekend by going out with a bloggy-turned-real-life friend for coffee and dessert.

a breakfast of peach buttermilk cake, adapted from Apples for Jam*

cute little cousins having a blast together (they are each other's best babysitter!)

a cute little chef chopping veggies*

plenty of family games

and some seasonal blueberry ice cream to end the weekend

I'm taking a trip tomorrow (sans Paul and kids), and may be able to update you at some point while I'm there, but will likely have a bit of a blogging break this week. Happy mid-July and stay cool!

*my brother deserves credit for these photos


  1. A weekend full of not much IS definitely the best kind!

    By the way, we love Skip-Bo, too. :)

  2. Love those weekends of not much!

  3. hi, your kids are cuties! i'm making blogging friends from all over the world..and i hope we meet in person one day, that would be fantastic.xx

  4. not much is sometimes the most much of all!

  5. I agree, that not much is some times best! :)

  6. Have a wonderful time on your trip. Weekends like that are my favorite!


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