Tuesday, July 27, 2010

never a dull moment...

I was prepared to write a post tonight on how not much is happening around here. I took a few cute photos of Finn (because Elizabeth can't be bothered to hang out here for more than just meals and Paulie and Philip are at their grandparents for the week) and call it a day. And then...

Token photo of Finn #1: enjoying the blueberry jam

Token photo of Finn #2: demonstrating his new scissor-cutting skills

Token photo of Finn #3: the farm, you know, under the waves

And then I had a rather impromptu bread-baking class with our 2 favorite sitters.

We played with some dough, discussed some technique, and sampled some very yummy bread.

And jam! Can't forget the jam.

But there was this little problem. We saw a wee bit of evidence that we might not be alone in our kitchen for the last week. Then our uninvited guest decided to make an appearance during our little bread-baking class!

Mary took matters into her own hands (while Heather and I perched on the furniture) and trapped our little intruder.

She carried him right out of the house.

We had quite the procession trailing our furry friend down the road to an empty field.

And Mary released him out into a wooded area where he'll hopefully find a friendlier home.

So much for not much happening around here!

*It's pig week at The Book Children!*


  1. Wow! And you captured the excitement in photos so well! I love that shot of the wee mousey under the bowl.
    Finn's little play set up is so sweet, and so familiar!

  2. Ewewewewew. I'm such a weenie about that kind of thing. Guess it's good he got out before all this flour comes in...

  3. I opened our attic a couple of weeks ago and a mouse fell right out of the door! Mice aren't too rare in our old house though.

  4. They give me the squirmies! I think they're adorable, but when they move into my house... well, it's just not cool. We try to release, but often the dog finds them first.

  5. so silly. i can't believe you caught him like that! it took my room mate a week of stealth behavior...

  6. I am glad to have found you through Soulemama! I'm a working + at home mama these days too. It is especially nice to see someone with older kiddos making 'this life' work. It seemed much easier when my littles were, well, little, to "control more". My oldest is still only 6.5, but I have already had to adapt to how life changes with bigger kids+ a bigger family. I tell myself it is all about the patience + balance.

  7. So nice that you brought the little mouse to a new home:)

  8. Oh dear! Hope your furry freind does not have too big a family!


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