Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can you smell the cinnamon?

This morning in The Art of Baking Bread, we talked for a few minutes about the transformation bread has undergone into the Wonderbread-style of bagged sandwich loaves and how that process is performed. Just reading the ingredients list alone is pretty scary then think about the fact that the last thing done to the bread before it is bagged is the spraying of fungicide on the whole loaf and you may never touch the fluffy white bread again! We did though...touch it, that is, to examine, to smell and to shape it into snowmen.

And bricks!

Then we put aside the scary, spongy bread to dig our hands into some real bread. Sourdough spelt. We rolled it into a few rectangles for making cinnamon buns.

Then dabbed and spread some butter.

Sprinkled generously with cinnamon...

and sugar (both natural cane and brown sugar),

and generously sprinkled nuts and raisins (generously was the word of the day in our class!)

Then we carefully rolled the dough into a huge log (or a pregnant python, I think I heard it compared to).

And we sliced the log into dozens of cinnamon rolls.

What a delicious treat!

Everyone in the class has been enjoying the reflections on my blog and graciously offered to pose for a picture. Now you can see who belongs to all the hands covered in flour that have been appearing here over the last few days.

The fruit of our labors:

Sourdough spelt cinnamon buns! Can you smell the cinnamon?


  1. these posts are driving me wild!! such amazing baking you've been doing.

  2. You really are killing me. I think you should do a bread giveaway... you know make some fabulous bagles or cinamon rolls and mail them out to a lucky winner. :)

  3. Oh, man. I'm extra happy about my bread machine that I just got (thrifted). I'm going to try that-- I figure bread machine bread is better than shelf-stable bread!

  4. You had me at cinnamon! But then I read on ...
    These look fantastic!

  5. Somehow my bowl of cream of wheat seems to not be so satisfing this morning anymore! great pics

  6. Oh my....I only wish I was there so I could smell the cinnamon ~ and perhaps a taste too! :)

    My Moment: Summertime is Bumble Bees and Sunflowers

  7. What fun your week has been. I have enjoyed living vicariously through you. What a great opportunity. Just wondering if they recomended any certain book during your class. I would love to expand my bread making skills.

    Here is our moment of the week:

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  8. wow - such deliciousness!! i can (almost) smell it - I'm inspired to try cinnamon buns!

    here is our moment:

  9. Yum, looks delicious. I live in Canada, do you think you could ship me a batch! lol. Deliciousness!

    Here is our moment:

  10. YUM! You've inspired me! I think I will try my hand at a little bread making this weekend. Such a wonderful experience you've had!

  11. Those look amazing! White bread is such a joke. While we don't always make our own bread, especially in summer, it's always such a rewarding experience.

  12. mmm! You have some lucky friends!


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